Understandable, Have A Great Day

Understandable, have a great day, also encountered as understandable, have a nice day is a meme catchphrase, appearing in image macros, where someone asks something, only to be denied by the other person in the conversation, which ends with the phrase “understandable, have a great day”.

understandable, have a great day.


The first “understandable, have a great day” meme was created as a new format for the whoppy machine broke meme, posted on Twitter by @liltusk on February 26th, 2017.

The image macro depicted a three panel deep fried comic of Shaquille O’Neal having a conversation with a drive-thru worker about food being “broke”.

It ends with Shaquille saying the thing.

Spread and Usage

The meme spread quickly, as it was soon reposted on Tumblr.

Its popularity was boosted even further, after Filthy Frank posted the original meme onto his Instagram account.

From May, 2017, the meme started turning up on various sites on the internet, including Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

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